Union City Appliance Repair

When do you need appliance service in union city?

If you need any type of appliance service from a washer repair to a dishwasher repair then you need union city appliance. You can visit their store location 34375 Alvarado-Niles Rd, Union City, CA 94587 or (510) 319-9397 to schedule a estimate. So when do you need to start looking for appliance repair? Then answer is very easy. You need to start looking as soon as your home appliances stop working. If you washer machine starts to leak then call them. If you refrigerator stops cooling then call them. You see where I am going with this right? Here is when I needed my kitchen appliance fixed.

I was having issue with my clothes not getting fully dry. It was getting really bad. To the point where I tried to run 2 cycles but the clothes not only weren’t dry but they had a mildew smell. Once that started happening I knew I needed someone to call fast. That’s how I found Luis from Union City Appliance. He arrived very fast almost within an hour from the time I called him. My wife was very relieved since she didn’t have to worry about the clothes piling up from down time. Luis was nice and very professional. After he was done fixing my dryer he cleaned up everything exactly how we left it. It was nice to know we have a repair man who we can trust. Watch our video washer appliance repair union city.