Starting Your Appliance Business Part 2

This free info is brought to you by Darrel Chavez. I wanted to give you some insight into how to start your own appliance repair business. I know what your thinking come on Darrel let’s quit fooling around. What’s this going to cost what do I need? How fast will I be making money if you give me some parameters about this appliance business? Well if you set the stop watch the record holder to date started running service calls in 22 days. He read through the books and watched all the videos and then started running calls. I’d say closer to average is 45 days or so to start nibbling away and service calls. So what does it take? Well you gotta invest in the course you probably have typical hand tools that are needed. You might need a couple little special things not much. You need a decent truck. I’d say maybe a minivan pickup truck with a magnetic sign. Something reasonable to get your name out. This is not a scam game. This is not a get rich quick schemeĀ  or sitting on your butt is not going to do the trick either. It is going to take some work. I wouldn’t say it’s really labor intensive but you do need to get up and down stairs. Get on the floor in front of dishwashers, pull out refrigerators. What it really is going to take to get yourself rolling is confidence. With this course and a decent truck in a year or two with good inventory you can make $2,000. Once you’re really a pro like Temecula appliance repair you will start to make some money 6 months to 12 months. You should be over a thousand a week now in a year to 2016 and that range you continue to increase. Learn how to start your own appliance repair business.