Only Guy Who Can Do Viking Oven Repair In Atlanta

viking-appliance-logoIt is very surprising how many appliance repair companies don’t want to touch Viking. I really don’t understand why this is. I must have called literally over 10 companies until I found a guy who specializes in viking repair atlanta. I asked Tony why he was the only one and he mentioned it being due to know one knows how. I learned that the parts can be hard to come by as well for ovens, stoves and ranges. Luckily Tony was very familiar with how to fix my issues and had the parts I needed on hand. This was such a relief because If I didn’t have the part it may have taken weeks to get my part. This is why I thought I would write about my experience dealing with this company. I also found a cool video explaining all the services they provide on Youtube. You can view the video below.

From the time I made my first call to the time someone arrived at my home was great. The man who answered the phone took the time to ask about what was wrong with my viking appliance. He even asked me for the model number and most guys do not do this. They don’t care about being prepared and you waiting weeks for a part you don’t have. So the early stages of my atlanta appliance repair went great. When the technician arrived he found out pretty quickly what was wrong with my appliance. Within the hour my stove was working great and I never had any problems since.