Miami Maytag Appliance Repair in Fort Lauderdale

I just bought a vacation home in Miami Beach and I was very excited to go out and explore Miami. Right  before I was about to leave my refrigerator wasn’t working. Everything was still on but it was making any noises. It was too quite and wasnt’ as cold as it should be. So I looked up a few appliance repair companies and I found many business owners out here to be very rude. I was despertate so I had to call somebody and have them here fast. To make matters worse this was all happening on a Friday. I finally found some who said they do maytag repair miami but they couldn’t get here til Monday.

I knew monday wouldn’t work since my food in the fridge would probably go bad. So I kept calling and everyone pretty much had the same answer. I finally found one guy to do it but he wanted to charge me a arm and leg to come out on a Saturday. I was beginning to loose hope and was actually thinking about calling the guy until my wife found a appliance repair fort lauderdale company to do it.

When I talked to Luis it was good to know that he specialized in Matyag. Not to mention he was factory trained by the manufacturer. When he arrived he diagnosed my appliance fairly quick. He told me how much it would be before I had to pay anything. I really appreciated that.