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I currently live in Rosenburg, Texas, and sometimes the heat can be absolutely unbearable. The days had been relatively cool, until spring was over, and summer began to set in. After summer started, I found myself turning on the air conditioning on a daily basis, and I barely gave it any rest. I had watched the news, and it stated that the next day was going to be almost 100°, so of course this bothered me, but I knew I had my trusty air-conditioning unit. When the day came, the heat index was already high in the early morning, so I went to turn on my air-conditioning.

Unfortunately, I came to find out that my air-conditioning was not responding when I turned it on. No matter how low I put the temperature, the AC unit would not blow any air at all, and it began to heat up in my home very quickly. I only spent about half an hour trying to think of everything to fix the unit, when I finally gave up and called someone for air conditioning repair rosenberg. The repair person only came two hours later, but by that time I was literally dripping in sweat, and needed relief quickly.

Fortunately, I was the only one at home at the time, because it was early in the day, but I needed the air conditioning to be fixed before my kids came home in the evening. The Hvac all tec worked quickly, and let me know what part was needed for the unit. The part was not expensive, or hard-to-find, so I paid the repairman for the part, and he went to retrieve it. After the repairman came back, he was able to install the part to the unit, and it began running again like normal. I was so very thankful.

Even though the air-conditioning was now working, both myself and the repairman noticed that it was not blowing very cold. We now had to get Freon to put in the air-conditioning unit, in order to allow it to cool my home more adequately. Although the Freon cost an additional amount, my home became icy cold after it was inserted into the air-conditioning unit. Thanks to the great work from the repairman, my home now feels like an igloo every day.

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